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  • Direct Hire & Temp Placements

  • Payroll & Background Checks

  • Powerful Souring Methods

  • Onboarding 

  • Employment Reference Checks

  • Analysis of hiring demands

  • Interview Coordination

  • Offer negotiation

  • Money Back Guarantee




Our mission is to provide you with top talent across the world. Not only just serving Los Angeles county, but offering services nationwide. We want to exceed your expectations so client visits and intake calls are much needed throughout the process. We value your feedback and willing to work with you even after business hours. Our goal is to be completely flexible with your schedule and demands. Jones & Co. Works is tailored to your needs in any situation and able to meet your heavy deadlines.

I have worked with Jones & Co. Works since it started and the service they provide is Phenomenal. We worked together on 7 requisitions and they filled all of our positions within a timely manner. There is 0% downtime and the quality of resumes we received exceeded expectations. We were able to build a connection between meetings, intake calls, and clients visits and developed a personal touch to gain trust. We are highly impressed with their performance and would recommend them to any client in this industry.

-Recruiting Team

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Los Angeles, CA





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