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JCW Women & Tech: Diversity Meets Decisions

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Women & Tech: Diversity Meets Decisions

JCW Diversity Meets Decisions Networking Event

Jones & Co. Works (JCW) presented an evening with women professionals in tech as they elaborated on their expertise in successful decision making towards diversity efforts. The panel of established women included: Becky McQuilling - Technical Program Manager at Google, Jovita Jenkins - Executive Leadership Coach, Dannielle Johnson - Digital Marketing Strategist and Social Media Expert and Vette Jones Founder & Sr.Tech Recruiter - Jones & Co. Works. Each shared heartfelt testimonies of their personal experiences as being women in a male-dominated industry.

Guests enjoyed a breathtaking Downtown Los Angeles skyline on the top level penthouse multi-purpose venue, Eminent Views. Attendees networked with the panelists, students HR and c-level executives. Gift drawing, wine and light refreshments were served!

They learned there are more benefits in the workplace including hiring employees from diverse backgrounds imbue organizations with creative new ideas and perspectives informed by their cultural experiences. "We can now take an electric scooter and ride it to the store to pick up groceries. This is primarily due to companies such as Bird and Lime having diverse teams," explained Vette Jones. For leadership to effectively manage diversity in the workplace, our audience learned to understand their backgrounds and how their behavior and beliefs can affect their decision-making within a diverse environment. Please join us for our next event on January 31st, 2019!

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